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Electric Coconut Grater - 240 Volt 50Hz

Electric Coconut Grater (sometimes referred to as an Electric Scraper) for grating coconut. The grater has a 240 Volt, 50 Hertz .37kw (0.5 HP) motor with a 14mm shaft. It comes complete with mounting screws, and grating head. (The Grater needs to be bolted to a bench or table. Drawings for an optimum setup come with the equipment or you can download a PDF file here).

The grater is designed for Commercial and Kitchen use with a stainless steel bowl, however, the grater heads are not stainless.

Spares are available.

In Factory conditions where the heads are used all day, every day the sheath (which has the cutting teeth) typically lasts about 6 months.



Electric Coconut Grater - 240 Volt 50Hz

Niulife Coconut Grater
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